Backup Instructions
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Instructions for making a system image backup of your Windows based PC 
The following directions are aimed at Windows 10, but they work almost identically in Windows 7 & 8.
For best results, make a fresh backup at least every one to two months

1) Connect your external backup drive to your PC and make sure it is turned on if it has an on/off switch.  Click the start button (the windows logo) in the lower left corner of your screen and immediately start typing the word backup.   Within a few seconds, an icon titled Backup and Restore (Windows 7) should appear.  Click on it to open the backup program

2) Choose Create a system image (left column) from the Backup and Restore screen

3) Choose a location to save your backup.  Select On a hard disk and choose a drive letter/name of your external backup drive.  Generally, the drive letter of your external backup drive will not be drive C: and may not be drive D: if your computer has a DVD drive.  After selecting your drive, click next.  The appropriate drives to be backed up will automatically be selected on the next screen, so click next again.


4) Click Start backup and wait for the backup to complete (20-60 minutes is normal).  At the end of the backup, you will be asked if you want to create a system repair disc.  You can safely answer no.  Your backup is now complete. 

5) Exit the Backup and Restore app and then use the ‘eject’ feature on your external drive’s icon to ensure all the files on your drive are closed before disconnecting it from your PC.  You may now safely disconnect the drive and power it down.